Upper Michigan Teens Learn Valuable Lesson

MENOMINEE, Michigan – Every 15 minutes, someone in the United States dies in an alcohol related accident, but the same statistic shows that teens never believe they will be the ones affected by these numbers.

It is only days away from prom night in Menominee and it’s because of that count down police and school officials decided it was time to teach young people a lesson of a life time.

Some 21 students died in a mock drunk driving accident right outside the school as friends and parents watched. The grim reaper took the kids from class as friends and parents were given death notifications. The entire school was then brought outside as victims were rushed to the hospital and the driver was taken to jail.

Those who took part in the mock event stayed in a motel the night before the accident. It was during this time that participants and their parents wrote letters as if those words were the last they would ever share.

Dressed in shirts with their statistics numbers on the back, victims were brought back to tearful assembly, proving that every 15 minutes isn’t just a number any more.

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