Potable Water Systems

Clearion Potable Water Systems clean uplifted water above and beyond industry standards for safe consumption. CTI units support the EPA’s effort for disinfection. Each unit offers a complete treatment against bacteria, viruses and protozoa in addition to screening particulates. All systems meet NSF standard 55 and are FDA and USPHS accepted. An activated carbon filtration system and monitored ultraviolet exposure system is in place to insure that no live organisms enter the drinking supply intended for passengers and crew. These systems are monitored and automatically regulated to accomplish this purification process.

With the increased risk of uplifting drinking water from sub -standard supplies, the potable water systems offered by Clearion eliminates the possibility of contamination from aircraft water. From small applications of 1 GPM through multiple systems with outputs reaching 24 GPM, Clearion Potable Water Systems cover the spectrum of customer requirements. An optional security enclosure is available to prevent unauthorized entry. Feel confident knowing the passengers and crew are safe from contaminated water.

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