About CTI

CTI started in the aircraft industry more than 20 years ago with the introduction of the lightest in-flight trash compactor ever constructed. With the addition of larger capacity models, CTI continues to be on the cutting edge of compaction technology.

With the ever increasing need for managing water in the sky, CTI with its affiliate corporation, Clearion Aerospace, began work over 10 years ago on a concept to clean holding tank waste water and jettison it from the aircraft or to use the water for reflushing. The next logical step for CTI was to design and develop units to purify potable uplifted water for safe consumption aboard the aircraft.

CTI has contracted to design, develop and manufacture Clearion’s products. From documentation to the latest in manufacturing, CTI gives attention to even the smallest details. Our turn-key approach to building these products give us total control over everything that leaves our facility.

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